New: Registration for my summer French cooking classes now open (exclusive presale for subscribers only)

Here's an exclusive presale offer for subscribers of my monthly email newsletters: Starting today, you can be the first to register for my new summer French cooking class series. This secret registration link will be made public on Monday, March 27, 2023, so act fast. These classes sell out fast, so if you have any interest in French cooking, don't delay (psst: you have my permission to share this link with your friends).

For those who have attended my cooking classes before, you already know that all my classes are "dinner party" style events. For new students, please come hungry and thirsty because you will be served a two-course dinner complete with wine pairings. Because we are doing French this summer, you can also expect tastings of imported French wines and a dessert course at the end of each class.  

Arguably, French gastronomy is the most influential of European culinary traditions. The French invented haute cuisine, then turned everything upside-down and re-invented itself with nouvelle cuisine — a simpler, lighter approach with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and presentation. All of this tradition and innovation was supported and promoted by another French invention: the highly influential Michelin Guide and its star rating system. Even in our everyday language, French words like cuisine, gourmet, récipé, and bon appétit are universally understood and associated with good food.

If you're curious about French cuisine, this "deep dive" cooking class series at the Common Ground Food Co-op will survey all the deliciousness that France has to offer, region by region. We'll start in Burgundy wine country where we'll learn how to cook with wine. Next, we'll head south to Basque country where savory garlic-infused stews of neighboring Spain is an influence and a comforting braised lamb dish is on the menu. Lastly, we'll taste the Mediterranean-style Provençal cuisine from the south of France where bouillabaisse and ratatouille were invented.

The schedule for this summer are: May 30, June 27, July 25. All classes are on Tuesday evenings from Tuesdays 6–8:30pm at the Common Ground Food Co-op. Tuition is $65 per class, or $55 for Food Co-op owners). All the details are here:

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