New Italian Pop-up Event: An Evening in the Cinque Terre

A new pop-up dinner experience has been scheduled for Sunday, August 20, 2023. This time, we'll be going to Italy for a four-course Italian pesto feast with imported wine pairings all evening long. The Cinque Terre is in the Liguria region of northwestern Italy where pesto was invented. 

Harkening back to ancient Roman times, garlic, cheese, and herbs have been pounded into a paste which eventually evolved into the modern version of pesto — a raw sauce that demands the freshest of ingredients. Tonight, we'll be making a large batch of pesto from scratch using fresh local basil from our farmer's market, fresh garlic, and Italian extra virgin olive oil. We'll use our raw pesto sauce in every dish on tonight's special Mediterranean feast which will include Minestrone Soup, Caprese Salad, Eggplant Parmigiana, and Frutti di Mare (seafood pasta), plus a shot of limoncello for dessert (see the entire menu).

Seating is extremely limited. For more information about how to score a seat at this event, please join the popup_dinners_cu Facebook group, follow @popup_dinners_cu on Instagram, or subscribe to my email newsletter.

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