Sunday pop-up dinners: here's what you've missed so far

We started in July with "Bullet Train to Osaka," a 10-course Japanese fantasy foodie safari of small plates that also included sake, highball, beer, and sochu pairings. Then in August we hosted "An Evening in the Cinque Terre," a four-course Italian pesto feast. Next, we traveled to Greece for a six-course meze dinner that we called "Greek Sunset in Santorini." Last month, we hosted a Spanish small plates feast called "Tapas Crawl in Barcelona." The final pop-up dinner event this fall will be a "Formal French Dinner in Paris" where a classic seven-course gastronomic meal will be served on Sunday, November 12 (sorry, this event is already sold out). 

We're going to be taking a break from hosting these monthly dinners, but we will be back on February 11, 2024 with a "Valentine's Dinner in Napa" special event. This romantic fantasy destination dinner will start with oysters on the half shell and end with crème brûlée. In between, each course will be served with a curated wine pairing as dishes are prepared table-side just for you and your partner. We're working on the menu right now and details will be announced soon.

How do you score an invitation to these pop-up dinners? Simply subscribe to my email newsletter and keep an eye on your inbox for the details. All new events will be announced via email first, but you can also join join the popup_dinners_cu Facebook group, or follow @popup_dinners_cu on Instagram for updates. Do reserve early because our dinners are small intimate affairs where only 10 seats are available.

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