New Recipe: Medovník (Czech Honey Cake)

As part of our Czech pop-up dinner event next week, I made this delicious honey cake for dessert. A throwback to the Soviet era, this very popular treat is available at almost all Czech restaurants and coffee shops during the Christmas season. Although this cake is fairly easy to make, the process does take three days. So plan ahead!

On day 1, you'll want to make the caramel cream filling. Because you're boiling a can of condensed milk, it is recommended that you chill the unopened can in the refrigerator overnight. This way, you won't risk burning yourself when you open the can the next day.

On day 2, you'll make the cake itself, but you should let it sit overnight in the refrigerator so that the flavors meld together as the wet cream filling moistens the sponge cake layers. It'll be so much better the next day!

You can serve the cake on day 3, but be sure to let it sit out for an hour or so before dessert time. Since there is a lot of butter in the cream filling, the cake will taste better once the butter has softened.

Want to save some time? Feel free to use a boxed sponge cake mix instead of starting from scratch. You're guaranteed success if you follow the instructions on the box. My go to sponge cake mix is Green's Classic Vanilla Sponge Cake Mix (available via Amazon). The rest of the recipe is pretty easy, especially if you "cook" the condensed milk in the original can, a great trick that I learned while testing out this recipe.

Here is the full recipe with detailed instructions:

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