Fall cooking classes preview


Plans are already in the works for our fall season of the "Flavor Principles of Ethnic Cooking" classes. We've got plans for two new classes and I'll be introducing a new guest instructor. Here's a preview of what's being planned:

• Persian Classics (September 19): Dive deep into this ancient Middle Eastern cuisine inspired by the courts of ancient Persia (as Iran was called until the 1930s). Learn how to combine herbs and spices like saffron with nuts and dried fruit to make elaborate stews and rice dishes. Enjoy a silk road-inspired royal banquet that's both sophisticated and simple.  

• German Oktoberfest Feast (October 10): Originating in the Bavarian city of Munich, Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival in the world. At this dinner party celebration, we'll be making festival favorites that are rich, hearty and robust, often balancing savory and tangy flavors. This session will be co-presented with Brittany Heyen (@highinfiber.rugs), who will be sharing traditional recipes from her German grandma, Elona

• A Taste of Korea (November 7): As Korean pop-culture gets more popular around the world, so does Korean cuisine. Inspired by both Japanese and Chinese influences, Koreans have taken their food culture to another level with creative twists on old traditions. Let's cook up some popular Korean dishes and enjoy them with beer and soju tastings.

Registration for these classes and all other Urbana Park District fall events opens August 7, 2024. Full menus and details are here: www.cooking-with-paul.com/upd-2024-fall.html

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