We're now taking reservations for our June 9 pop-up dinner


This is the sequel to last year's BULLET TRAIN TO OSAKA event that all of you have been asking for. Like last time, we'll take a fantasy foodie safari from Tokyo on the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train line while tasting everything Japan has to offer en route to Kyoto.

Before we board the train at the Tokyo station, we'll grab some sakana (small bites). As our train leaves Tokyo station, we'll indulge in some tasty appetizers as the train departs and accelerates up to 200 mph. Soon food carts will come down the aisle and we'll grab anything that looks tasty.

Once we arrive in Kyoto, we'll head directly to our ryokan (Japanese style inn) in the Gion dstrict where we might spy a geisha walking the alleys. When we arrive at our ryokan, we'll be directed to a private dining room where a kaiseki-style dinner has been prepared for us. Like last time, we'll have sake, wine, highball, and beer pairings all evening long, plus a few surprises! Full menus and details are here: www.cooking-with-paul.com/popups-kyoto.html

As you know, seating is limited, so please book early. To reserve, just send me an email at paul@cooking-with-paul.com

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